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Razer Kishi V2 IOS Virtual Controller Support

  • 19 July 2023
  • 4 replies

I came across an android user using a certain feature known as virtual controller which allowed him to map out buttons for onscreen actions on a video while looking for ways to make the Kishi work with undawn however it isn’t available for iOS users nor has it been stated in there tutorial that it’s for android users only. It’s disappointing as playing on an iPhone 14 with big hands isn’t exactly enjoyable I’m pressing shoot when I’m trying to look around it’s a mess, I just wanted to know the crack with it how come they get more features? Thr Razer nexus app hasn’t been updated in 10 months on the iOS store just seems like they’ve forgot about iPhone users entirely. Any news would be much appreciated with whether they’re going to update iOS or not as right now feels like money wasted on a device that I can’t get full functionality out of.

4 Replies

2024 March, any chance for an update now? Apple users need a Virtual Controller too… or am i missing something to config?


They need to update it soon. I bought this thinking it would work great for this one game…little did I know that it doesn’t even work on my iPhone 14. So mad rn but I can only hope for a miracle right. Feels like a waste of money 🙄

2024, Any chance iOS ever getting any sort of Virtual Controller? I mean, it’s been a pretty long time..

Can we at least get a reply, is this something that’s considered? What is the issue with doing it if there is any? If it’s already in development when would we get it?