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  • 16 February 2019
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The Kiyo quit working just all of a sudden. I had some weird issue with the driver. It said code 28. The only fix I was able to find was a complete wipe of the hard drive and reinstall of windows after a 2 hour fiasco with tech support.

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3 Replies

Was this working before? Have you performed some updates on your operating system? Have you also tried plugging in the Razer Kiyo to another computer to check if you get the same error?
Yes. It was working before. Up until last week. Nothing changed my pc just would not recognize it. I tried everything tech support suggested to no avail. So I just wiped the pc, reinstalled windows. Updated it and it started working. I think it maybe important to note that I still can not view it in synapse. So I just uninstalled that. Works fine in SLOBS now.
Thanks for the update. Can you show us the screenshot of the Broadcaster tab on the Razer Synapse app?