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Razer Kiyo Pro and tonz of problems!!!

  • 23 November 2021
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I buy days ago 6 Razer Kiyo Pro cameras for build a multicam setup. (yes i know is extreme setup)
Using just a single unit is a problem, sometimes USB connection is lost after restart on turn off the computer and then power on.
Camera just gone.
I learn this can be fixed just uninstalling the driver, restarting the machine and camera back to work.

I discover is impossible connect more than one unit!!! to any computer, already test with 4 computers available here on my studio, AMD and Intel, same result.
I not talking of synapse software, also without install synapse software is impossible use mroe than one camera on windows!!
If you try connect more than one unit, error appear under USB device list, see attached file

About synapse, only can handle one camera............anyway really dont care about that, I can use without synapse, anyway will be great synapse can handle multi-cameras.

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Continue working on this, I think I have a possible solution, testing right now, back soon with some info
Is very clear the techs who code the firmware messed up the USB descriptors.......

In case you need connect multiple cams, is very normal if you switch the cameras form USB ports, or at any tome cameras wont work and not are detected never again, devices are just lost!!

Go and download USBDeview form https://www.nirsoft.net/utils/usb_devices_view.html

Run as admin, delete all razer USB devices, included actives and all inactive, better if you delete all!!
Dont worry you wont damage anything.
ASAP you delete all, shutdown the computer, do all this with your razer pro cameras, after reboot, your cameras should be there.



A quality webcam..........ruined by all USB problems.
I really love the image quality of this camera, is the best one for low light conditions!!

This workaround make at least cameras back sometimes at first or second reboot, up to 3 cameras i can use the onboard USB controller, if you want use more of 3 you need a second PCIE USB controller.
This workaround also work with single camera in case camera is lost when you change the camera form USB port and then camera is not listed.

Under Debian 11 I wont see this descriptor problem, strange, anyway not have a lot of free time to tets under linux,.....for sure I need tis working o under windows.
Messed up USB descriptor should be resolved usually after reinstalling the device driver or the USB Hub Driver. By the way, have you already submitted a support ticket about this? If you have, please send me your ticket number. I can use it to review your case and take the necessary actions to help you sort this out. If not, we can initiate an investigation into this. To do that, I'll need the serial number of your device, MSinfo logs, and the system logs from your Windows Event Viewer.

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