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Razer Kraken Pro V2 what to do

  • 11 June 2020
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Hey there :)

so ~1 year ago i got myself the Razer Kraken Pro V2 and used it without any software until know. I recently started playing Overwatch with my friends and decided to try out the Surround Sound of the Kraken (wether this is a smart idea or not) and see if that maybe helps me in game in some way.

I looked up what i have to do in order to get the surround sound working and found out about Razer Synapse (Version 2.0 for the Kraken Pro right?) and that it has many settings for the microphone and headphones and about Razer Surround which is used to activate the surround and wanted to get both things.

I tried to download both things and got the (apparently common) bug that i could not open Synapse from tray but atleast i got Surround working after many reinstalls even if surround is the only setting i can use in Razer Surround while all other settings are not usable. I googled my problem and found many posts about it suggesting different things to solve it. I tried a few things but did not get it to work so i wanted to ask if there is a more or less reliable working method to get Synapse working ? A short explanation or a link to a post with an explanation would be very appreciatet :D

And a short question on the side : Do i need Razer Surround if i get Synapse to work or are the settings in Surround exclusive to that program so that you need it if you want to have all settings ?

Thanks in advance !

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