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Razer Kraken TE - Can't hear the surround sound with the THX on

  • 25 September 2019
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Hi I'm French so I apologize if my English is not perfect.

My problem is simple, I can't hear any sound with the THX on.

I did some research on the forum and I found other topic that had similar problems to mine but without the answer directly written on the topic.

Like this one, for example.


As you can see on my picture the sound is well displayed in green, and even if I put all the volumes of the PC or headphones at max level I can't hear anything.

The only way the sound works is in stereo when I select Razer Kraken TE - Chat on Default Device

I don't know if I'm doing anything wrong, but I can't get surround sound.

It's very annoying because in FPS like Battlefield or Overwatch, I don't hear the noise coming from behind me.

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2 Replies

I keep doing a lot of different adjustments to find the problem but it's still not solved.

I reinstalled Synapse 3 and I use a new profile and it doesn't change the THX doesn't work. I plug the headset into different usb ports 3.0 and 2.0 and it doesn't do anything different.

Even when I reinstall it and touch nothing it puts the THX on by default but I don't have any sound coming out of the headset.

When I do the test on the right I can't hear anything.

Join the club, after reinstalling everything i got it to work but now my mic isnt working and the headset goes randomly crackly.