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Razer Kraken Tournament Edition Default Noise Gate

  • 21 March 2022
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hi, i tried posting my issue on reddit but i got no response, so im starting a thread here instead.

I wanted to use my kraken TE to record my voice but the mic always made my voice nasal. I started testing with different software and digging up the reason. all I could find was that razer always sets noise canceling "On" even when you turn it off inside synapse. a quick test can reveal the difference:

use sidetone mode inside the razer to hear your voice directly from the mic.
then compare it with a normal recording.

it is clear that your voice differs, even if u set all the options on "off".
also, I was checking my headphone on Rtings and I saw they mentioned this "There's always a noise gate" thing.
I hope razer fixes the mic, its really high grade, too bad the noise gate ruins everything. here's the link to the review I mentioned (look for the "Noise Handling" section).

i can provide additional testings that prove my claim but i hope this review on rtings is enough.

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