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Razer Kraken Ultimate - Failed but under warranty

  • 10 June 2022
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I purchased a Razer Kraken Ultimate from a Best Buy that comes w/ 2 year warranty from the Razer manufacturer. The other day one of the headphones stopped working from what seems like an internal wiring issue. I love the product, I always suggest it to my friends, and I would like to just exchange it for another Razer Kraken Ultimate.

I was told by Best Buy support that they could exchange it, but when I went there they told me I had to do the exchange through Razer. I have the receipt from Best Buy, the purchase was made in December 2021.

I hope we can resolve this, I'm a huge fan of Razer and your products.

I have a case open w/ Razer support but I have not heard back in a few days. Was hoping there was a phone # or email I could use for a faster response. Case # 220607-002340

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