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Razer Kraken X Headset Microphone Extremely Quiet

  • 20 February 2020
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For almost the entire time I have had my headset, the microphone has been very quiet according to other people met online and friends. It is mainly an issue in discord but I have already done much troubleshooting and the software does not seem to be the problem nor discord itself. I have the headset connected to the computer via the two jacks (input and output). Any help would be much appreciated.

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3 Replies

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Hey Adam! Have you tried testing the mic on a smartphone? Also, do you mind putting up a screenshot of the Levels tab in the mic's sound properties?
Thank you for your response, I tested the microphone in a voice while connected to a smartphone and I was told that my microphone volume was still very low. I also attached a screenshot of the levels tab in mic properties as you requested. Sorry for the late response but I was unable to respond on here for some time for an unknown reason.
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No thanks needed, just doing what I can to help out. Anyways, under Control Panel > Sound > Recording > Properties > Advanced, try changing the format to "2 channel, 16 bit, 48000Hz (DVD Quality)". In any case, please PM me the serial number of your headset, Windows build version, and sound card driver version.