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razer laptop battery is swollen

  • 8 December 2023
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Hello  razor support


My razer laptop battery is swollen , please help for replacement of the battery



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Hello SinopialeetPEARL141,
I'm sorry to hear about your Razer Blade battery swelling issues. It's important for your safety that you refrain from using the laptop until we can resolve the problem. I can create a case and forward this to our support team for a replacement battery request. Please PM me with the following information below:

Full name:
Mobile/Phone Number:
Laptop serial number:
Street Address:
Postal/ZIP Code:
Place of Purchase: (The vendor's website or physical store address)
Date of purchase:
Proof of purchase: (you may skip this part if the unit is already out of warranty.)
Subscribed to Razer Care?: Yes/No
Photos of the laptop show the damage to the device and save the shareable file via a Google Drive listed here.

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