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Razer Naga Pro Video and Audio Stuttering

Razer Naga Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse

After about 15 minutes of being either connect through the wired option, 2.4ghz, or Bluetooth, my computer starts experiencing very strong video and audio lag (stuttering). This occurs regardless of the application being used. This issue also gets worse the longer the mouse remains plugged in.

Is it the mouse causing this?
Yes, this issue is not present when using other mice and was not present prior to purchasing this mouse.

Up to date?
Yes, both the firmware and drivers are up to date as of 5/5/2021. This issue was present prior to updating these as well. Computer audio and GPU drivers are up to date as well.

Temporary fix
By unplugging the receiver or the wired connection and plugging it back in, this resets the issue and I am able to use the mouse for about 15-20 minutes before the stuttering starts again.

Other attempted fixes
- Disabling 2.4ghz wifi. This does nothing. Additionally, the issue persists on a wired and Bluetooth connection as well.
-Resetting all mouse, audio, and video drivers. This did nothing.
-Disabling all razer processes and using raw mouse input. This does nothing and also renders the product useless as key mappings are tied to synapse.
-Trying different USB ports on 2.4gz connection. This does nothing, issue persists regardless of USB port type or gen.
-DIsabling computer ability to turn off mouse automatically in device manager settings. This did nothing.
-Disabling game scanner. This did nothing.
-Cleaning the lazer. This did nothing and also does not explain the audio lag.

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