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Razer Nari: Disconnecting and Reconnecting

Hi! My Razer Nari (not ultimate) has been having troubles staying connected to my PlayStation. It continues to disconnect and reconnect even while charging. When this happens it makes a “beep boop” noise. It’s affecting my game play greatly and it would be great if I could get some help. Thanks.

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I have the Nari Ultimate, and it does the same thing sometimes. I actually connect it to a Macbook Pro.
I tried using it while recharging and without recharging but it does it either way.

Anything we can do to avoid this?
I am having the same issues and have looked everywhere for a solution and haven't found one, help would be greatly appreciated
I am having the same issues and have looked everywhere for a solution and haven't found one, help would be greatly appreciated
(Razer Nari)
Same issue here started today on PC. Razer Nari. Can it be the latest update?

I figured that external USB SSD doesn't like to share USB hub with RAZER NARI dongle so I disconnected the storage device.. Problem solved.
I am having the same issues and have looked everywhere for a solution and haven't found one, help would be greatly appreciated
(Razer Nari)

*After restart & last update problem is fixed for me!* :smile_:
*After restart & last update problem is fixed for me!* :smile_:

What update was this?
Same problem for me 😞
It would be nice if Razer bothered to respond to these forums. I'm also having this issue. It seems the 20 dollar Logitech headset is superior to Razer's 80 dollar headset. I can't stay connected sitting at my computer. My Logitech headset can go 30 feet before hitting interference though it still doesn't disconnect.
Looks like I am not alone.. My brand new Nari Essential (Wireless Headphones) keep bugging me with disconnecting/connecting sound even though the battery is fully recharged. Even the Synapse 3 software shows the battery as red (that is obviously the reason for the fotware to sends these false beeps). The battery is NOT empty and after a few seconds of charge shows it as full. In addition, when the headphones are working, there are terrible cracks and sound of interference, even though the USB transmitter is just a couple of feet away and also away from the possible interferences of the PC with the help of the USB extension cord.

What I have already learned from the shining absense of Razer staff from these forums pages ia that they are really trying to save in employment costs. However, as soon as somebody complains about Razer quality on an external forum, Razer guys are there instantly to help. Razer seems to be very caring about theiir image in the external world but inside their own walls they could not care less. I, working as PR consultant, do always advice to keep your own nest tidy to avoid the problems to spread. Well, I have learned my lesson and return my Razer gear back to shop and choose Arctis instead...
absolutely nobody...


other razer devices that use synapse 3: ON OFF ON OFF ON OFF ON OFF

can razer PLEASE fix these issues??? i mean, come on. yall put out an unfinished OS for the newer devices or something? get your business together and fix this or let the synapse 2.0 handle this since synapse 3 is total garbage.

is there a way to @ these support guys? honestly i dont even care if it gets fixed at this point. ill take a full refund on all my razer stuff and just get my gaming hardware from WALMART. im so fed up with being in the moment in a game then my headset starts screaming in my ear followed by my mouse and keyboard not working for a few seconds.
@razer tech support
@razer R&D
@razer whoever can ACTUALLY get something done about this instead of copy paste vomit.
@razer we all tried your cookie cutter "fixes" 1000's of times already
This has been an issue for my Nari Ultimate headphones since I got them last week. This is ridiculous, it beeps on and off every minute sometimes for no reason.
Haven't heared of a solution yet, googled a lot but didn't found any solution that helps fixing my problem. My nari essentials is randomly dis- and reconnecting while my other equipment also seems reseting. Worse, it always resets my sound configuration to stereo again, so there's no way to enjoy surround.

Is there a fix yet?
What actually helps is to downgrade from Synapse 3 to Synapse 2. Synapse 3 seems to be origin of all the disconnect problems. I do not know, if Razer staff knows this, but if they do, they seem to be too embarrassed to admit this this publicly. After all, Synapse 3 has been in beta stage for years now and they still cannot make it work - I would be ashamed as well.

I am happy to recommend SteelSeries Arctis 7 as a working alternative. I fetched Arctis after I got tired to those constant connect/disconnect sounds of the combination Nari + Synapse 3.
Hi! I've the same issue here, but my headphone was Razer Kraken Kitty Edition. I tried to plug it in another device even with my phone but it keeps disconnect and connecting again. Like come on razer I just bought it this February .. and it was not cheap headphone. Why this is happened to me ??