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Razer Nari Essential THX Spatial Audio device not working after udpate

  • 27 January 2022
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my Razer Synapse app updated two days ago and since then I am unable to use THX Spatial Audio as my output as it doesn't reproduce any sounds. Any help would be highly appreciated.

List of playback devices:
Razer Nari Essential - working, was previously worklng
THX Spatial Audio - not working, was previously working
THX Spatial Audio Chat - not working, new after update

What happened:
- two days ago my synapse app updated and since then the only audio that is working is Razer Nari Essential output
- until this happened I mainly used the THX Spatial Audio output, but now it's broken
- new playback device appeared after the update which is THX Spatial Audio Chat - also without sound
- so now I have three playback devices to choose from but only one is working and the sound is different from what I've been used to up until now

What I've tried:
1) Reinstalling all audio drivers.
2) Updating all audio drivers.
3) Reinstalling and reparing Razer Synapse.
4) Factory reset the headset from within Synapse.
5) Uninnstalling all audio devices and rebooting the PC.

Does anyone have any idea how to rollback the last update? (I dont have a point of restore before this happened) Are there any other possibilities? Sound devices list and synapse thx setting as I used it until now enclosed. Thank you in advance.


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