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Razer Nari not working with Xbox properly

  • 25 November 2018
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i just got this headset and it doesn’t seem to want to work with Xbox. I plug it in into my controller and only one ear cup works and only party chat works. I cannot get game audio to work. I have tried it on my PC and it worked fine there.

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Just to verify, are you connecting the Nari headset via the 3.5mm audio jack on your Xbox? Please double check the Audio output of your console to make sure you've got the right set-up.
I have tried connecting it directly to the Xbox, connected it to multiple controllers and changed all the setting and nothing has worked so far.
Can you send me the serial number of the headset via PM? I'd like to consult it to the designated team for further checking.
I am currently having the same issue...
Hey there, I am having the same exact issue as well. Is there going to be an explanation or fix?
Also having this issue, what's the solution? $200 for a product that doesn't work as advertised is pretty frustrating.
Christmas day and having issues with sons Nari as well which has lead me to this page. Tried audio lead in two controllers and tried USB stick, blue light flashes but then goes out completely all without a peep from the headset other than when switched on sound comes alive. Wish I had tried it before now but site I looked at recommended them for Xbox which I believe now was misleading. Any ideas how to fix the issue?
I just got a new Razer Wolverine Ultimate for Christmas for my Xbox One X. Controller seems to work fine on it's own, but once I plug in a headset (I've tried 3 working headsets that all work fine with my 4 other xbox controllers) the controller stops working and shuts off. When I try to turn it back on I get the thin white horizontal led light beneath the xbox button, then the green profile light at the bottom comes on for a second, and the controller immediately turns off again and a snap/pop sound is audible through the headset. And sometimes the controller won't turn back on at all after unplugging a headset, even leaving it unplugged. In order to get it back on, I have to unplug the controller and plug it back in. Seems like maybe a 3.5mm jack wiring issue to me, but not sure. I'm no expert, but something's not right here.

So currently, this controller is unusable if I want to use a headset. I've rebooted (including hard reboot) my xbox with and without the controller and headset plugged in (every possible combo), and I've tried every option I could think of to get it to work with the xbox on, but nothing seems to work.

Also, I had a second issue as well, although I'm not sure it it's directly related to the controller itself. While playing PubG and was in a firefight (my 4th one, worked fine for the first 3 firefights), the controller vibrated and a controller disconnect issue popped up on my xbox and I got killed because of it. Then the controller stopped working completely even thought the white light was on under the xbox button and I could still change profiles. Buttons just didn't work. Also, I have both controller vibrating settings on the lowest (1) possible, but it vibrated rather intensely, like it was set at 10. Not sure what's going on here!?

I elected to go with this controller over the Elite, but if I am unable to discover a viable fix for the headset jack not working properly, I'll guess I'll have to return it and go for the Elite instead. The second issue may not be related to the Wolverine Ultimate since this has happened in the past and I know it's been a problem for other players on different controllers as well. I think it has something to do with the vibration function and either the Xbox software or PubG game itself. Either way, I can't say the Ultimate is at fault for the disconnect issue.
What is going on with this issue Razer!? Been speaking with your support team all day via email!! So far:
- Have you tried the 3.5mm jack - yes
- Have you tried changing audio output settings on the Xbox - yes
- Have you tried a different controller - yes (both standard controller and elite controller)

Would help if these questions were not sent one by one over the space of 3 hours...

The Nari isn't even listed as a product on the support page so had to raise the initial support ticket as a Karen headset!

No community Comms yet and from the looks of things on this thread - Razer knew well before Xmas but still advertised as xbox compatible and let people gift these things only for the recipients to be let down on the day...

No decent reply to any of the comments on this thread...

I thought Razer were promoting a close partnership with Xbox??

What is going on with this issue Razer!? Been speaking with your support team all day via email!! So far...


Hey ToyMachine889, are you having the same problem with the headset jack not working? My controller was literally shutting off when I plugged anything into it. I tried everything I could think of. I spoke with Razer today via live chat and the rep (Homer) said he thinks it's a hardware issue with the controller and I should send it back (to Amazon) and get a replacement controller.

Anyhow, I just tried to press the volume control button on the bottom right and while holding I pressed each direction several times on the D-pad (just to show my nephew how I would control the headset volume if it actually worked), then I went to plug in a headset again to show him how it shuts off... and viola!!! It started working. I think it had something to do with the preset of the controller volume settings from the factory, and once I changed the volume settings, it started working. Before that, the controller would just shut down a couple seconds after plugging in a headset producing a crack/pop sound coming from the headset. Headset and all cables are fine and work with every other controller, so I knew it was something with the Wolverine Ultimate controller itself. I haven't used it long (as this just happened), but it's good as of now. I will update this after I get a chance to play some games with it and turn on/off my xbox a few times and see if it continues to work properly. Just wanted to share in case this is helpful to you at all. Merry Christmas!!

UPDATE: Although the headset does work now, the controller still randomly shuts down with a headset connected. Happens with a couple headsets that I've tried, that I know work fine. Does not happen when I wiggle wires or anything, so doesn't seem to be a loose connection issue, it just happens randomly on it's own. I can't get more than 5 min or so of the controller working when I have a headset attached. The controller seems to work consistently only when there is no headset connected. Oh, well. At least it's working sometimes now rather than not at all, but still not the way it should. 😞
Well still playing email tennis with customer support and it is like pulling teeth.

Got Nari working with PC using USB dongle so tried again with two xboxs both failed until I tried the 3.5mm lead again into the controller and it now seems to work fine BUT not wirelessly as described or paid extra for!? So now waiting for support to confirm this or give working wireless connection instructions instead of PDF of standard box ones.

Nari not listed on product support form so fantastic start and then first email requests serial number despite already been given in initial contact. Great.

Sons yet to use his Christmas present and suspect it will be getting sent back for a full refund very shortly as it is not as described. Wireless headset that requires a wired connection? Not wireless according to trading standards. Sincerely hope I am wrong ......
Well after another set of same instructions from support I have done some internet searching and have come up with this:

Can these be used on xbox 1
Probably….but good luck with the drivers, it's a pain.
By Kate P. on 07 November 2018 Yes but not wireless they have to be hardwired into the controller


Either Razer support doesn't know about this or their definition of "wireless" is different to everyone elses and involves a cable. 3rd day of Christmas ruined. Asked for manager. Fuming
so I just bought this headset tried the usb dongle didn't work but no big surprise cuz xbox doesn't like usb headsets. when I plugged in the audio jack just chat one one side and no other audio. kept unplugging and replugging it in until I can hear game and chat. but when volume was barley up others could hear a real bad real loud echo. wtf
I have found an answer to get the Razer Nari headset working with Xbox one. It’s a pretty expensive fix. You will have to buy an Astro MixAmp Pro. It’s about 130 on Amazon it’s where I bought mine. It works just fine just no wireless or Razer Chroma while connected to the amp. Most of the higher end headset have this problem with Xbox. Hope this helps most people.