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Razer Nari Ultimate Disconnects After Playing a sound

  • 30 September 2022
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I've been having this issue with my Razer Nair Ultimate that disconnects after I play a sound. This started after using them on a Teams call and they disconnected randomly in the middle of the call. Now I can't use them.

28 Replies

same issue here.. After I played a game with my friends my pc suddently froze. I restarted it from the power button and after that the headset started disconnecting and connecting randomly after I try to play a sound. also there is a usb icon dissapearing and appearing on my bottom right
Hello, similar issue.

Just played when my Nari Ultimate disconnected (fully charged). After restarting I realized it is not recognized by windows as a sound output option.
Pulled out and plug in the USB then appeared then disappeared the appeared... :(
When I started to play a video I hear the sound for 1 sec then disconnected.
same issue, it plays audio for like 1 second and then just dies again
Same problem and I checked another similar thread, A razer worker dude said the dongle is defective, but I know thats not true, I can walk right downstairs and plug them into anything and they work good as new. there must be a driver or something that is interfering that needs to be fixed and hopefully its soon, or I really do think hyperx or another brand would be the better fix because ive had way too many problems with just this headset alone.
is there any fix for this? I am having the exact same issue. Do i have to get another dongle?
Same problem for me and its been like this since Oct. 1st. It also will just connect and reconnect rapidly, and as soon as it does connect any sound makes it disconnect. Seems like a issue on their end to be honest.
I just today started having the same problem, it disconnects after playing a bit of sound and then it is a struggle to connect it again.
Same thing as you guys, I tried updating software I even got the little program to rebind the dongle to the headset and it worked for 30 seconds. Don't remember how long I've had this headset it's been a fat minute might just need to bite the bullet and get a new set.
i don't know why but the fix for me was just putting the dongle in my pc case usb instead of the motherboard's, tried repairing the dongle and headset and that didn't work so im guessing the dongle at somepoint just decides that it no longer likes your motherboard

EDIT: nevermind it broke again fuck, but on the motherboard it won't work anyhow, on the case it at least works after i take it out and put it back in hope this helps
I hate to say it, but I'm glad to see other people having a similar issue because this may bring it to Razer's attention. I am having the exact same issue. My headset seems to disconnect after a short period of time. But, my USB dongle to my Nari Ultimate seems to be extremely hot after these issues when I unplug it. After cooling down, it works again for a short period of time. I also can replicate the issues with another wireless device, my Razer Deathadder V2, being plugged into the back of my laptop at the same time. Hopefully there will be a solution found soon.
i have the same issue and I literally cannot find a fix, have been working on this for 2 days straight and nothing is working please someone find a fix
So I have encountered the same issue yesterday after one year of use and it keeps goin'. I've tried everything possible. No fix found so far. I am really disappointed.
meme probleme, vraiment les casques razer sont les pires daubes possibles
I’ve encountered similar problem with razer nari ultimate headset. And mine also doesn’t charge either. I have to have them plugged in via usb in order for them to even work. Is there a fix for these issues???
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Yeah its still an issue, tried a fresh windows install but still the same issue. Going to have to replace it as a last resort

Looks like this is happening for a lot of people. Also looks like buying a new headset is the only fix to this problem right now. 

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Hi guys, 


You can try running the Razer pairing utility tool by following the steps here. Try to reinstall the driver of the dongle as well for further isolation. If that didn’t help, PM me the serial number so I can validate its model and check our options. Thanks!

Happening to me aswell, there is no fix even with cable it wont connect, will stay away from Razer in the future.

Exact same problem here. I press play on YouTube or any other sound to play and it disconnects. It's frustrating AF and I've tried it all to fix it and nothing worked. Guess I'll have to change brands even though I love razer but if they are not helping anyone with this then is just useless to come here and complain. 200$ down the drain, thanks Razer. 

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Hey guys, 


Please PM me the serial number of your headset so I can validate its model and check for other options to help you address the connection problem with the dongle. Thank you!

Same awful issue here. PMing Zion. :/

Same issue today with my Razer Nari Ultimate, except I can get it to play a youtube video. Seemlingly, it disconnects when I launch any game. This is so frustrating with how expensive these headsets are. I’ve tried the Dongle Recovery, Resync, unfortunately it wont even recognize the headset when wired.

Having the same problem here, even broke a monitor today in frustration.... just refuses to play anything through Game or Spatial Synapse channels without disconnecting 


Have re paired the dongle, have updated firmware have installed and reinstalled Synapse and honestly...I'm at my end.

Same exact problem, disappointed there is no solution here yet.

Same exact problem, disappointed there is no solution here yet.



I just wanted to post an update. If you are experiencing this issue, please consider trying the following:

  1. Run Windows Diagnostics.
  2. Run Dell Support Assist for latest updates
  3. Run Windows updates for latest updates
  4. Roll back Intel Wireless Bluetooth (if applicable to you)
  5. Reinstalled latest Intel Wireless Bluetooth (if applicable to you)
  6. Uninstalled and reinstalled Razer Synapse. (Clean of all Razer apps)
  7. Use the Razer Nari Ultimate Pairing Utility to Successfully Re-Pair

If you are still experiencing the connection drop as soon as a sound plays, contact Razer support to check on your warranty window. Razer is aware of this issue and a rep will work with you on a RMA if applicable. 

I am testing my replacement headset right now as I type this, running it alongside other audio based wireless connections (ie BHAptics X40 vest) and everything is working normally. 

I wish support could have shed some light on the cause of this issue, but they may also still be trying to pin it down as the reports are coming in. Many of our headsets of this model are in the 1-2 year use case range. 

In any case, the RMA process was painless. I chose the advanced option as it made more sense to me, but I would encourage anyone with this specific failure to contact Razer support. They were great to work with.

Specifically, I would like to thank @Razer.Zionzedd for the attention, help and professionalism. 

Please just be patient and know that they are listening. There are a lot of platform configurations to sort through out there.

Best and Good Luck.