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Razer Nommo Pro 2.1 Problems

  • 29 July 2020
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My whole setup is almost razer based..
So as u can see i'm a razer fan and
It's so wiered that when i contacted with my brand new nommo speakers the customare care coudn't help me nothing..
So the problem is..
When i turn on my pc and turns on the control pod a big amount of hissshh sound comes from the subwoofer and in that time there were no audio and nothing works in that time.. It fixes after 4-5times turning on and off the power, sometimes i had to restert my pc. The below youtube link is kind of similar to my problem :

It's so weired a 600$ speaker had this kind of issues..
My specs :

Core i7 7700
Gigabyte Z270x Gaming 9 (rev 1.0)
Sound Blaster AE-5
Zotac 1080Ti

Microsoft Windows Version 1909 Os Build 18363.959

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