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Razer online Store Buyer Beware

Hello, this pains me to write this post but I like to share my most miserable and horrible experience with everyone so no one should ever go through this ever again. I always bought razer products for years from official resellers like best buy, amazon, micro center. this was first time buying it from razer themselves on their website.

Razer has a terrible horrible refund policy. Allow me to explain my problem and how its professionally unacceptable to be treated like this and robbed from. Yes Robbed from.
I made a legitimate online purchase from Razer's website on April 17, 2020 for the following items:

Razer Tartarus Pro - Black
Razer Huntsman Elite - Linear Optical Switch - US
Razer PBT Keycap Upgrade Set - Quartz Pink
Razer PBT Keycap Upgrade Set - Quartz Black
Razer Basilisk Ultimate With Charging Dock
This totaled with tax $598.77

So after receiving the items two of the items was defective. The Razer Tartarus Pro - Black and Razer Basilisk Ultimate With Charging Dock. These items did not play nice in certain games the keybindings I set on razer software and macros kept resetting. to other letters that were not the default values or the macros assigned. I had to shut down synapse and then force a reboot on pc to get back to default. This was more problematic than it was worth. I contacted Razer and started a return process for a refund. Razer provided a prepaid shipping label and I packaged the two items with its original boxes and mailed it to Razer. So I checked the tracking number and package was received on May 1, 2020.

So now I felt great I should receive refund in a few business days no different from any other online retailer. As I checked with my bank 2 weeks later I noticed have not received a refund. I proceeded to contact razer for an explanation. Tried online chat and phone calls. No one has been able to provide a reason only adding more case numbers to this matter. Then after more time has gone by I received an email from Razer stating a refund for $138.96 will be issued. I thought this was a mistake since i sent them two items The Razer Tartarus Pro - Black and Razer Basilisk Ultimate With Charging Dock. These two items do not cost $138.96. So after contacting Razer they said they made a mistake and they only refunded the Razer Tartarus Pro and not the Razer Basilisk Ultimate With Charging Dock 169.99 plus tax. So today is June 6th as I write this now and still have not received a refund for the Razer Basilisk Ultimate With Charging Dock.

This is outrages and horrible that a long time customer such as myself has to go through this for a refund. The norm for all online retail companies is to issue a refund in 3-5 business days after product is received. This is unacceptable and no one should go through this. Boycott will be in order and will more than happily express this on my youtube channel and let everyone know not to buy anything from razers online store.

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I also got in a chat with one their guys in order to precess a return. I was told that in 2-3 business days I should be receiving the instructions for the return. It has been almost a week since then and I haven't receive anything. I have try to contact them through email in two occasions without any luck, if you try to contact them on the chat you get a (Sorry, no support agents are available at the moment. Please visit our Contact Us , our Community Forums, page or try again during our business hours: 6AM - 10PM PST, 7 days a week.) This is ridiculous, I thought they were a respectable company. Now I'm afraid that by the time they responde I won't be able to return the products because of their 14 days return policy.
This is nuts stealing our money is not a good thing.
I just got an email from razer stating they sent me a refund which I been arguing not correct amount. As frustrated as I am I called up my credit card and told them the problem and they said I qualify for buyers protection refund etc. Just processed the claim and they will take care of getting the money from razer. Woman was very kind and understanding. She said I had patience of a saint to wait over a month for a refund is unacceptable. Claim is processed and wow she just credited my account and said I should not need to wait any longer that the bank will take care of it with razer. I said well that's great news. Thought i let you guys know so if you in the same boat call your bank credit card etc and they can take care of the claim and get your money back.
good point, have similar problem. Razer don't really want to have loyal customers. Horrible experience
This saddens me a great deal and makes me wonder if official resellers eat the loss when someone returns a razer product? I wonder how much of a wait time they wait for a refund.