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Razer opus microphone works wired?

  • 7 April 2022
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After going crazy with the bluetooth issues and understanding that:
1. Using Discord + any game kill the audio quality because the bluetooth technology used has small bandwidth and doesn't support multiple sources.
2. Only solution is to disable hands-free device and use another microphone.

I gave up and decide to use the 3.5 jack wired connection. In theory being at TRSS cable should work both for output and for input, but on my pc the razer opus microphone doesn't pop-up in the recording devices list.

Do you know why?

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Hey there! Sorry to hear that you are experiencing some difficulties with your Razer Opus. I got your back, and I'd like to help you sort this out. To make sure that I can give you device-specific answers to your question, can you please verify if your device's serial number starts with "INxxx" or "TIxxx"? Please let me know through PM for better assistance.

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