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Razer Phone 2 enquiry

  • 15 January 2020
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Hi wondering if any razer support member able to tell me if im able to repair dents and scratches on my phone

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@whking Are you asking if the dents and scratches are covered by warranty or if you can DIY repair them?
@Razer.Caziel Just asking whether like razer does official repairs on like dents and scratches and the cost. Is It possible to DIY reapir them?
Chat support isnt really helpful.
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Could you put up photos of where the scratches and dents are so I have something to go on? There are a lot of DIY guides on the tubes but those would pretty much void the warranty, not that dents and scratches are covered.
Two dents on the corners of the phone the paint was also damaged abit,
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Those don't look that bad. The side panels will have to be replaced if you send it in for repair. There are a bunch of DIY repair guides floating around the interwebs, but most involve taking the phone apart. You're better off getting a phone case to be honest.
Ok thanks for the help
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No biggie 👊

I'll be locking this thread as resolved, but don't hesitate to PM me should you need further assistance.