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Razer Phone 2 Support.

  • 21 March 2021
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Hi everyone,

Just hoping that Razer end up fixing lots of bug updates with their Razer Phone 2 soon! And get working on finishing off the Razer Phone 3! Things looked good and sounded promising before the pandemic hit. I bought a Razer Phone 2 maybe 14months ago? If that...and it needs some more updates. The phone is really nice hardware etc and I don't want to change phones. Would love there to be support for the Razer Phone 2 again!

I'm having serious troubles with the 4G data even with full bars, I'm having troubles with the top row of the touch screen not being responsive at all and QR codes aren't recognised which is a huge issue with today and all the covid safety measures are done through QR codes. Would like more updates to fix these sorts of bug issues.

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