Razer Raiju 1.04 TE Sensitivity is very high or is it drift? Video in Post. | Razer Insider

Razer Raiju 1.04 TE Sensitivity is very high or is it drift? Video in Post.

  • 26 March 2019
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I made two videos of using a stock PS4 controller from SONY and the Razer Raiju TE.
Game is Destiny 2 on PS4.
Both are wireless.

As you can compare the Raiju is almost about 2x faster. Which is bad.
I feel it should be the same as the stock Sony controller.

I feel the Raiju has great build quality. And it seems Razer is intent in getting this right.
I want to help. But...I only have so much money to spend on either the Raiju or buying the upcoming Astro C40.
I love the remapping of buttons in the app. It is a nice touch, but it always forgets and I have to resync it with my Iphone 8.

I have attached the version of the software as well to support.

I don't know if this helps, but my friend bought the same one and has the same problems.

Its really just the stick sensitivity that needs to be adjust to be the same as the SONY controller.
If you can fix that you have a great piece of hardware.

Also note, I don't post videos much so my editing isn't so great and I tried to reproduce this the best I can.

PS4 Controller

Razer Raiju

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3 Replies

I have the same problem,
Hope to be solved with firmware update
I sent mine back already and bought the Astro C40.

You should get a perfect diamond if you controller is good.

Watch his video on how to use the website. It worked even for me on a Mac.
I am also thinking about it, the C40 looks good,
But I really like the two buttons on the top of the Razer raiju.
So I bought another the Razer Raiju 1gen and then thought about selling TE.
Because Razer has not solved the problem of TE.