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Razer Raiju Ultimate Bluetooth Issues

  • 11 July 2021
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I use my Raiju on my PS4 Pro, both on Bluetooth and wired. However, it's recently stopped working on the former and I can't work out why.

Here's what's happening...

Button underneath on PS4 BT. Click PS button and the controller comes up and slowly flashes blue. It doesn't connect and the Bluetooth controller settings screen on the PS4 shows the Raiju but not connected.

It stick the Raiju into pairing (Share and PS buttons at the same time) it flashes blue rapidly, as expected, but the PS4 doesn't show the Raiju showing up as a new device - just listed as an existing one but not connected. Just nothing. I can't find a way to remove the Raiju from the PS4 to try and set up pairing again and even holding the controller next to the console doesn't help (in case it was any kind of interference issue).

It works 100% when wired, though.

Any suggestions here for what I can do?

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Have you tried connecting it to a smartphone or a computer to check if it yields the same issue on both? Please send me the serial number of your controller so I can verify its model. We might have to update its firmware to fix this.

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