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Razer Raiju Ultimate Problems... WE DEMAND ANSWERS!

  • 23 January 2019
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Well, it's been a few months since Razer released the problematic Raiju TE and Raiju Ultimate, and honestly, i am starting to doubt Razer's ability to fix the controller with firmware updates. For a controller that costs as much as a console itself, we really shouldn't be dealing with all these problems. Its a shame that Razer still can't fix the problems, and its also a big hit on consumer confidence in the Razer brand.. even for someone like me who has a lot of Razer gears. It seems to me that Razer is just busy getting new stuff out to the market at a big profit margin by sacrificing product quality and fails at fixing their existing products.

So the big question all of the Raiju owners are asking is... WHEN CAN YOU FIX THE PROBLEM WITH THE CONTROLLER????

below is my experience with the controller firmware.

I've tried 1.01 (came preinstalled out of the box), 1.02b and 1.03, and none of the version works perfectly.. they all have their share of problems, it seems like when razer fixes one problem, another problem pops up..... I am going to list the problems that I had with each version.

This version was preinstalled with the controller out of the box, and like the most of you, it was basically unplayable out of the box because the input lag was just was just crazy, the aim would go way off. and when I try to aim, it would just turn left or right for like 3 sec none stop.

This version fixes the input lag but not completely. You can still tell the difference from a standard DS4 controller and when using it wired. The controller would go crazy once every 10 mins like something's interfering with the connection... basically still cannot play wirelessly.

This version fixes the input lag almost completely, but when aiming the speed of turning right is slower than the speed of turning left. some of the face buttons sometimes not responding.

yeah so basically, we bought a controller that costs somewhere between 150-250USD (depending on where you get it) and yet, the product comes out of the box unusable, which is okay if a firmware update could fix the problem. But NO. After a few months of waiting, there's no firmware update that could fix the controller without bring out another set of problems. and yet, we don't hear anything from Razer officially regarding the product.

I think its time Razer tells us what's going on........

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