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Razer Raiju Ultimate shuts down by itself!!!

  • 15 February 2021
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Hello everyone, I'm new to the forum and I would like a clarification on my problem, I've been trying to turn on the ps4 through my raiju ultimate for a while but a few seconds before starting the controller turns off by itself, then I try to turn it on again but it does not detect plus the ps4 and so I am forced every time to disassociate and associate the bluetooth, it all started when I tried to connect it via my smartphone, at first I used to play COD mobile after a few minutes I saw it turned off by itself and the smartphone did not recognized more, today I tried to connect it via bluetooth to the pc, but it does not recognize it if it is placed on PC BT only if it is turned to PS4 BT but always after two seconds it disconnects and the pc no longer detects it, eh nothing what I do not understand it is because it turns off a few seconds before the ps4 starts totally every time I turn it on through the controller and I am always forced to re-associate it to the ps4.
Thanks again, sorry for my english but i had to use google translate. :confused_:

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