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Razer Ripsaw HD No Audio and No Properties?

  • 5 June 2019
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There has already been a million of these posts from streamers online but I have a secondary issue that I haven't seen posted anywhere. I cannot get audio to transfer to anything on my PC. Not the headset or VoiceMeeter.

For the record, I've gone through numerous OBS settings including SLOBS and Studio and I've attempted going through VoiceMeeter and VoiceMeeter Banana. Regardless of the time spent, there is a glaring issue that makes no sense to me.

For nearly everything you can put on a stream, you can easily right click what you added and go to properties and get a great interface from either OBS or the software of what you're changing. A Logitech cam, for instance, will take you to Logitech's own settings where you can alter a webcam. Now on almost EVERY post on fixing the Razer Ripsaw's audio, people tell you to change the audio output mode, then to click "configure video device". The problem? There is no properties here like on every support post online. All I get is a small properties box where everything is grayed out and even if the options were selectable, they would be of no use to me anyhow. I'm stumped.

I'm not completely stupid but I'm kind of expecting there to be some kind of Razer Ripsaw settings or at least something with more detail. Oddly enough, the video is absolutely flawless. If anyone has any ideas, let me know.

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2 Replies

I had this problem with getting no sound in SLOBS or any of the others. My Motherboards USB hub was the issue for me. Put in a PCIe USB extender and now everything seems to work fine.
I don't know about your other issues though
I'm also having this issue. It seems the menu others show in their guides are from the Razer Ripsaw, not the newer Razer Ripsaw HD which for me is proving impossible to get audio to set up properly. if you find a solution please let me know