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Razer Ripsaw HD - No Audio being carried PS5

  • 20 January 2023
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Hello everyone,

I would like to pose a question related to the audio not being carried to the broadcasting software, to see whether any of you had a similar situation.

I have connected my PS5 to IN of the RRHD, using the HDMI cable provided by Razer in the RRHD box.
I have connected OUT of the RRHD with my monitor.
I have connected the USB-c cable directly to my laptop.

If I connect my PC or PS5, I am getting a crystal clear sound when coming from my HeadPhones connected directly to the RRHD headphone socket.

On the other side, nothing is being passed into OBS nor Streamlabs.

I have tried all the options recommended, a separate audio source, custom audio card, and set it to be on "monitor and output", but still no luck.

Even stranger behavior is that, once I connected my PC, my discord sound was carried through the OBS, but my game sound - nothing. ( Yes, I have checked that the in-game settings of the output audio device are set to Razer Ripsaw HD ).

Any help would be appreciated.

Kind regards,


1 Reply

Same here, i’ve only streamed about twelve times because of ill health,  but it’s all been fine until now.. no audio whatsoever. i’ve tried everything and i cannot get through to support…. 

i’m looking at Elgato now as they have a track record of working. 

i genuinely feel cheated.