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Razer Serval Android 9

  • 16 August 2020
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I have an issue with this product. It works perfectly fine with my PC and my Samsung Smart TV but on Android (Which it's actually designed for) it does not work very well. Certain buttons are simply not mapped such as the start and select buttons.

When checking this with some gamepad button tester, it shows up as button 0 for both select and start. This is very annoying as it makes this controller quite useless for its intended purpose, using it on Android.

I simply cannot play any games via Steam Link for Galaxy as these buttons do not work thus games that require start or select (Basically every game in existence) are unplayable.
Any other button seems to be working just fine, however.

I always take good care of any product I own and since it works perfectly fine with Windows 10, latest MacOSX and Samsung Smart TV software, it should show you that this controller is in good shape and still works fine. It does not work fine with Android. This is a software problem.
The Android device I use with this controller is a non-rooted Samsung Note 8 with the latest updates. Android 9, July 2020 security patch and Build no. PPR1.180610.011.N950FXXSCDTF1. The sole purpose of this phone is to use it with Steam Link since this controller does not work with iOS. It has no other apps etc clean install.

If you have any solution to this problem that does not require me to root my phone, please let me know.

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