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  • 16 January 2019
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So today I turned my PC on and to my surprise my Razer Surround was not working. I decided to restart my PC and then Razer Synapse won't open and nothing is working with chroma. I then decide to uninstall synapse and re download the new one but this didn't work. Now every time I open Synapse it doesn't work. This is my current folder. Please someone help.


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3 Replies

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Hey guys! Please send me a PM so I can try to isolate the issues separately. Do include the link to this thread for reference. *Moving this to the Support Boards for visibility.
Try deleting the app, restart your computer, then re-install it. If that doesn't work then either your computer doesn't support the soft wear, or the app is glitching because it is still fairly new as of 1/16/19.

Oh and if you want to keep all of your chroma designs, download them.
I tried uninstalling and now nothing is available. It has my login but the dot is red like it struggles to log in to the cloud service.