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Razer Synapse, Audio Equalizer default setting issue

  • 22 October 2022
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Hello, I'm a Blackshark v2 user. In Synapse, the program's default equalizer settings are defined. Defined values include "Default", "Game", "Movie", "Music" and "Custom". The problem is, when I click on these buttons, no settings are applied. Defined equalizer settings have been deleted. I can't reach default values even though I reset them. I liked the presets so much. What's this problem coming from? I'd appreciate it if any of the guys who don't have any other problems sharing presets with me.

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5 Replies

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Movie and Music presets not work anymore on my Synapse too. Tried everything recommended by Razer support.
Is there really no one who can help with this? The common thread of those affected is that there are users of Turkey.
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Hi guys!

Did you already try to perform a clean installation of the Synapse app? If not yet, you can follow the steps here. Should the issue persists, gather the Synapse logs from your PC by following this guide and use Google Drive to share the files with me. I will start a case and raise your concern with the software team for further diagnosis. Thanks!

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