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Razer synapse make my PC frozen. How to fix

  • 7 September 2023
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So I have been having this issue for almost 2 years now . My PC keep freezing for around 2,3 secs before becoming normal again . When freezing , I can’t use mouse , keyboard, RGB all stop on all Razer devices , even ones on Corsair in my case . Audio also stopped . Only Videos still running . 

This Issue happen no matter what I do even just on idle, surfing web or gaming . After becoming normal again , it will switch my audio source from my headset to my Leviathan V2, which is how I found out this issue happen when I afk from the PC and the pc was on idle at that time 

For 2 years , I have done countless things trying to fix this , like clean install windows , clean install synapse , Install each device 1 by 1 , buy new ram , turn power saver off in bios , clean windows and try a tons more fixes that every fix on Google must have been read by me  . It is a terrifying experience cause I barely can use My PC with this issue . 

However Today , my PC turn on with out internet . Therefore , my Razer account is not logged in and my Synapse is not turn on like always . I once read a fix that require you to log out of Razer account and turn off Synapse so Instead of logging in and turning on Synapse , I Just left it there. I once turn off Synapse off only without logging out but no Success. 

This time , My PC does not freeze randomly anymore. It has not even been a day yet so I have not got my hopes up but this is better than any days in the past so far . I will try to see things more . 

But Still at this point I can conclude Razer account and Razer Synapse is the culprit for my PC problem . So How are we suppose to fix this . I am glad I no longer get the issue but this is only a temporary fix. What is the point of buying Razer products without being able to change anything on synapse . So I hope anyone can give me some fix. 

3 Replies

Intermittent freezes can be caused by a variety of factors, and the solution may involve a combination of the above steps. It's important to be patient and systematic when troubleshooting to identify and address the root cause of the issue.



did you solve this problem ,becasuse i have same and i cant not even move mouse ,alt+tab or nothing.

did you solve this problem ,becasuse i have same and i cant not even move mouse ,alt+tab or nothing.

Same here, after I bought my new keyboard razer deathstalker V2 pro,  my windows began to frezee and I think that it happens when the keyboard “wakes up” from rest mode