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Razer synapse - reloading colors

Hello all , I have a problem with razer synapse.

I bought a new keyboard and added into the razer synapse.
BUT I have a problem because the colors seem to reloaded, in short way. for example I set static green light to the all keyboard and the static color is there for example for 7sec after that the keyboard turn off the light and in the moment the lights are turned back on to the static green color and everything is repeating.

I turned off razer synapse and the keyboard did not do that.

It is doing this.

Can you please help me how should I fix it?
Thank you.

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Hi there, @Hawkboy21! Have you tried plugging in the keyboard to another USB port or another computer to isolate the issue? Also, try to uninstall and reinstall the Razer Synapse on your computer.
Hi, I tried all other USB it is the same.
I tried reinstal synapse it is the same.
I tried downgrade to synapse 2 it is the same.
I tried keyboard on Mac - there was it ok.

I have new PC and drivers,so I do not understand why it is doing this.¨

Do you know how should I fix it ?
Thanks for the update. Can you send me the serial number of your keyboard through PM? Let's continue from there.