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Razer Synapse update broke the software

  • 4 March 2024
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Been an avid Logitech customer but have tried using Razer devices recently.  I’m using The Razer Naga X at the moment but noticed that today, the Razer Synapse had an update and noticed a few things after:

  • Once done, the app’s icon in Windows has changed to just a plant white icon
  • App no longer appears in the system tray

This lead me to believe that the update had gone wrong. I thought of uninstalling it but when I went to Windows “Add or remove programs” section, I don’t see any Razer app in the list.  Even getting Revo Uninstaller doesn’t show Razer anymore.

I went to delete all the Razer folders I could find and proceed to install the new version of Synapse 3 from the website as a system administrator.  Strange thing is nothing visually appeared on the screen.  It added new folders but the app is still missing and Windows doesn’t even know it exists.

How can I completely remove the app and all its traces?  Is the Synapse 3 in the website even a stable software version than the one I had?

I’ve never had issues with peripheral devices before so I’m surprised that this may seem like a common issue with Razer.  I would appreciate though if you can provide assistance here so I can continue using this product as intended.

1 Reply

By the way, I followed this link to gather the Synapse logs but not even sure who can review them.  https://mysupport.razer.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/1462/