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Razer THX environmental mode game profile not working in RDR2, GTA V and possibly other games too

  • 21 December 2021
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RDR2 = Red Dead Redemption 2
This post is about the environmental mode game profile in Razer THX Spatial Audio app in the application mixer/game profile settings.

the games i've tried where Razer THX spatial audio app offers an environmental mode option, such as GTA V or RDR2, I've noticed when I'm playing the game the Razer app doesn't remember your choice that you chose "environmental mode" for this game. You have to open the app, turn spatial audio off, then turn it back on for it to start taking effect. For this topic i'll stick to talking about 1 game, and that's RDR2 (the environmental mode in this game is way better and you can tell easier when its active or not).

So the problem is, whenever i'm playing game and razer THX environmental mode is on. If I then decide to take a break and Alt+Tab mid-game to open up my internet browser to watch a guide video on youtube, the different source of audio playing confuses the Razer software/app. and my game audio goes back to stereo mode from environmental mode. When I go back in game the audio doesn't revert back from stereo mode. And I have found no way of fixing this UNLESS i restart my game. You can see how tedious this is. If I even take a screenshot in Steam with F12 button, it plays an audio cue that screenshot was taken and this audio playing does the same thing. It stops Razer Spatial Audio from working correctly.

I'm saying the Razer THX environmental mode in RDR2 or GTA V is SO DAMN GOOD that i want to keep playing in it, the environmental mode game profile makes my game sound awesome, but the Razer THX Spatial Audio software has bugs! please fix.

Try it yourself and tell me your experience with it. Does it happen to you? It doesn't always happen, try different audio sources. Try Firefox browser then try Chrome. Or Try playing something on Spotify. Or try taking a screenshot on Steam with F12.

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