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Razer Tomahawk Gaming Desktop Fan Replacement

  • 9 March 2023
  • 3 replies

I purchased the Tomahawk a couple years ago and the fans on the top of the case just stop spinning. Sometimes if I tap the top of the case they will start spinning again, but only for a little while. I have removed the fans and cleaned them out but this doesn’t seem to help. I decided to just completely replace the fans, does anyone know if the 120MM Kunai will fit, or do I need to find something else?

3 Replies

Same question.  They seem to be 5 pin fans.  Would like to know replacement options 

I asked support about this.  They say the fan’s are proprietary and you can’t buy replacements.  If your fan’s die you have to send in the whole unit to Razer for service.  So dumb.

ahoy there! I was thinking about this and I had this idea. what Razer really does is plugs into the NUC Extreme proprietary 8-pin header on the NUC Extreme element, and then somehow splits it to 2 fans on top. 


if you find a cable that does it, you can have your own wiring to the fans. this would be a bit clunky but at least you’re not limited to the razer fans anymore


for example such a cable comes with CoolerMaster NC100 case, since it plugs its 2 fans into the same 8-pin fan header.


Alternatively you can do your own 8-pin to dual 4 pin splitter as the pinout is known on the Intel NUC support page. it’s basically 2 sets of power - tacho - pwm - ground, so just simple 4-pin solution. what Razer does in their 5-pin connector I guess is it just takes one set of power - ground - pwm and shares that across 2 fans, and each has its own tacho cable hence there are 5 pins in their connector. why they did something like this makes no sense to me. and they kept all wires black to mess with us, too lol


I am keen to rip those out once warranty expires and replace the fans with cable from NC100 and my choice of fans


https://youtu.be/j3mZVfBoeP4?t=1324 here look at this, here’s the splitter cable for the fans