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RazerBook real productivity options

  • 14 December 2020
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I had some issues with my 2018 RBS and I was looking for a suitable replacement. When I bought the RBS in 2018, it was my choice mainly because of the muted design and the apparent productivity focus. You can imagine then that I wasn't very happy with the latest RBS updates, it changed drastically from the lightweight, high specs, that you connect to your Razer Core at home.

To my surprise, all made sense again when I saw the new Razer Book. I was trilled to press the buy button right away, but one thing was holding me back. Memory!

What about the idea of having the highest possible memory + CPU combination that I can connect to my Razer Core? I certainly will not do that with 8GB, and for some productivity workloads (in my case software development), 16GB is no longer enough. I often suffer with my RBS 16GB..

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Then you have to look at the competition and what this product is competing with. The most obvious would be the Dell XPS 13. And you would not be surprised that they actually sell it with 32GB ram.

I would hope that Razer leads in that regard, but it releases the new model months later than the competition and with inferior specs. The minimum should be 16GB (not 8!) and at least 32GB as an option (64GB desirable). The screen, design, and materials are great, but not enough to justify an upgrade from the RBS or not to get the superior specs the competition is offering.