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Razor tournament edition crackling sound !

  • 14 February 2019
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Hey guys im hoping with your help there is a solution to fix the issue before i have to go dthe own replacement or refund route !

Basically im getting light crackling noises when uses this heasdest, ive tried all different usb ports i have, tried reinstalling the software, and played with the settings in windows to try and resolve it ! it still crackles when the headphones are on a low volume too !

if its a common problem and theres a fix id like to know, im using windows 7

Kind regards, Chris

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i read a post that someone had similar issues but only resolvedi t by not having the synapse app installed ? but i want to use the app etc ! if its just because im using windows 7 thats fine ill get windows 10, but i thought it supported windows 7