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RGB Integration Does Not Behave :(

  • 29 September 2020
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Hi! I just registered to ask the question - why won't the games that list RGB integration affect my lighting at all? These are the only three apps available to me but I have games like Valorant and Deep Rock Galactic that don't show up here and have no effect on my lighting. The Ornata and Deathadder are the only Razer products I have, games and Synapse are up to date. Valorant is installed off of the Valorant website and DRG is off of the Microsoft store. Terraria works as it should and Deus Ex just freezes all animation on my keyboard. My boyfriend also has this problem, he has a Huntsmen and a Basilisk. He had no idea DRG should have effects. Anybody else have this problem? Also, if this is common and has already been answered please just refer me to the thread where it has the answer! Please and thank you!

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I'm running into the same issue with Deep Rock Galactic off of the Microsoft Store. I have the Huntsman and Mamba Elite. It is working for other games, such as Overwatch and Gears 5; oddly though, Gears 5 doesn't appear in my Connect Apps list, but the lighting effects function properly. I have tried reinstalling Synapse, but that didn't fix it. I found one other post about this issue, but there wasn't a resolution: /razer-synapse-not-reading-one-of-my-games.57635/#post-526324