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Ripsaw HD Audio Output not showing

Hello, I'm having issues with a Ripsaw HD, and after finding no fixes online, I'm hoping someone here can help me.

The Ripsaw has been used to connect a PS4 to a PC for over a year now, and has suddenly stopped capturing any audio. When investigating this issue, I quickly noticed that the Audio Output option no longer appeared in any of my programs, from OBS to Discord.
Video still works perfectly fine.

I've tried all the usual fixes I could find online, restarting my PC, changing USB ports, completely uninstalling and reinstalling Synapse, etc, with no luck.

I'm hoping someone here has an idea of what to do, I am at a complete loss

Many thanks in advance!

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I am going through the same thing now. I Either get the Audio on my streaming PC or on my Gaming PC. I have tried so many things.

From Constantly adjusting streamlabs, using voicemeeter banana etc.. I have 1 more think i am going to try today, I am just at work and will get back to you if it works.

Did you find a fix ?
Unfortunately I have found no fix so far, and to be honest, I'm at my wits end.
I'll probably be investing in a Avermedia card at some stage rather than dealing with a Ripsaw again
I just ordered the elgatoHD60s+ tbh. chalking this one as a bad investment. I will fiddle with the Ripsaw from time to time and set it up for a family member i guess XD.