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RMA nightmare, $1628 quote - laptop with warranty

  • 10 June 2022
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Razer has had my laptop for over a month now and refuses to repair it, sending me a $1628 quote instead, despite being under warranty when the laptop arrived at their service center.

In the most recent message of my support case, Razer admitted that I have a valid warranty claim:

Razer Support: "We received an update from our repair team that the damage you have to your device is no longer covered by the warranty. Therefore in order for us to proceed with the repair process, we need you to settle first the quotation."

The key words there are "no longer covered".

Razer blatantly rode out the clock until my warranty expired. Again, my warranty was active when I created the RMA case and my warranty was active when they received it at their warehouse.

Ironically, in one of my first messages on the case, I said Razer would do exactly that - waste time until my warranty expired in order to get out fixing my laptop. I purchased 5 new Razer Blade 15 laptops in less than a year, and this how I am treated?

Do you think Razer riding out the clock until your warranty expires is a deceptive practice?

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