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Seiren Elite not powering on and not recognized

  • 17 January 2022
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I purchased this mic in 2020 from Amazon. It had been a amazing microphone with very few issues setting up. It had been my go-to mic for streaming on my twitch channel and also the reason I purchased the Nari headset, Cynosa keyboard, and Deathadder mouse.
I quit streaming shortly after my daughter was born and hadn't been using the mic. So it just sat there on the boom arm. Suddenly it just stopped powering on. I happened to notice recently but didn't have the time to check on it. I did my usual maintenance today. When I powered on the PC I had an icon that said "USB device not recognized" "The last USB device you connected to this computer malfunctioned, and Windows does not recognize it."
Keep in mind that this has always been lightly used and never moved aside from when I open the tower every 3 months to clean the dust and every 6-12 months to reapply thermal paste (As needed if I start noticing temp spikes outside of normal operation). I've tried every slot on my PC and get the same error. Am I missing something like an update that may have messed with this mic? I would really love to get it working again.
So far I have done the following:
Checked wire (Phone powers on so cord is fine)
Checked every USB (All work fine with all other devices)
Disabled USB power options (Now Windows no longer shuts down USB)
Uninstalled the unknown usb device and restarted (Same error comes back)
Any help on this matter would be great. Again, this mic has always been lightly used.

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A little update. There is a log of the first time this happened.