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Should I buy Razer Blade 15?

  • 3 March 2021
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Hello guys! Im new in Razer’s community/etc. Im thinking should I buy a Razer Blade 15 Advanced RTX 3070?? I heard some people saying issues like battery,heat,loud fan sounds,etc. And I heard some people saying they do not have any issue with Razer Blade 15 Im really confused and I do not want to waste my money can someone help should I buy a Razer Blade 15 Advanced RTX 3070? or no? Thanks.:)

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I've got an Advanced 2020 model, with the RTX 2080 Super Max-Q. I'd like to share some of my honest pointers about it, what I like and don't like:

One good thing is, it's customized out-of-the-box: you get a minimal Windows 10 (no stupid bloatware, no "free" games), just Razer Blade running full power on Windows 10.
I mainly use it for my work (I deal with aircraft training hence the powerful hardware), gaming (from light to graphics-intensive), entertainment (music and HEVC movies), and some productivity (video editing, photo processing). I would say it's an ideal all-in-one for me, especially the 2 USB-C and 3 USB A ports giving me an additional playroom.

[indent]The overall minimalist design is something that attracts me the most, simple yet elegant, but packs a powerful punch under.

However, it's a massive fingerprint magnet (I do have sweaty palms to add to the much misery). Do pack a dry fiber cloth and some wet wipes to occasionally wipe down those smudges and keyboard to keep it in tip top condition.[/indent]

[indent]Based on what I've read, the general performance using benchmarks actually indicates that it's tad lower scoring than equivalent counterparts in other brands. However, based on my own experience, I find the performance of this machine really blistering fast, both gaming and everyday use. I can get about 5-6 hours max on battery itself if I were to carefully manage its usage.

Recently I've noticed that my Blade doesn't run often on CPU Turbo Boost, presumably to save more juice on the go. So expect some slight drop in performance for normal, non-gaming usage.

However, I do warn that the temperatures do get hot easily. Especially if you're on an hour long of graphics intensive gaming. Do note the super hot exhaust and loud fans spinning away (it doesn't sound like a jet taking off but it's more of an audible whirl from 3-4 feet away).
My apologies that my response got cut off so badly in the forum. I couldn't post the 2nd half of my reply...

[indent]I usually carry it in my backpack, and it's not too heavy either (easy on my back). Physical wise I don't have much complaints.
The laptop comes with the Razer Synapse software, which can get buggy pretty often. So do be prepared to have occasions such as your PgUp and PgDn, Home and End keys (accessible via Fn + arrow keys) to not function once in a while. On the other hand, laptop controls such as performance, lighting and macro keys are working really great.[/indent]
[indent]Personally I've upgraded this to 64GB at 3200MHz, using HyperX Impact sticks. They're running on XMP 2.0 profile and there have been lots of uncertainty over this. Some owners are reported not having it working fine and crashing away. And these add up even more to your budget, so don't be tempted to upgrade like me since the RTX 30 series offer 32GB configuration which is more than sufficient.
With the 2021 model having an extra slot for SSD, I'd be envious of that. As well as the slightly upgraded screen and graphics card.[/indent]