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Some ideas for Razer

  • 24 September 2019
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Oh, Hi there Razer. I just wanted to point out some of my ideas you could make. At first i really want a Razer chroma gaming chair (i know there were many recommendations but I´m just pointing it out ´cause it could be really cool.) The next idea is about your mamba hyperflux. I think it is cool, but I personally don´t like the mamba wireless and I would like to see mamba elite wireless. So the idea is to make some newer versions of mice with wireless charging and the hyperflux sold separately. My next idea is a cheaper notebook with worse specs for people on a budget. I know budget is not a Razer thing, but people would really like to see budget blade. Another idea is about pc. I know its really hard to connect with companies like asus, but people would be pleased to see pre-build RGB Razer gaming pc. Next one is an idea for people with no budget and it is rgb strip. I know you already have one, but it is just a normal strip. It would be cool to have something like outdoor philips hue (if u don´t know it´s non-blinding led strip) but with chroma integration and many lighting zones. And my last idea is wireless keyboard. I probably don´t have to explain. I really hate cables. Thanks everyone for submitting their ideas Down below. (sorry for grammar I am from Slovakia)

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