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Spacebar is Squeaking - 1 Week Old Cynosa Chroma Pro

Hey guys. I've recently built a new gaming rig and wanted to have all Razer input peripherals, so I did a lot of research and found that the best choice for me was the Cynosa Chroma Pro. It has the lighting support I needed for the build, all the function keys I needed, and doesn't have the loud mechanical keys. I figured it would have the exceptional quality I have come to expect from Razer, and I would be happy with it for years to come.
Boy was I wrong... It's been here for 1 week, and the space bar squeaks loudly on every press. If I'm typing quickly it sounds like a bird got into the house. My 5 year old Arctosa worked great, but I wanted to upgrade to something that works on Synapse 3. Ugh...

Has anyone else had issues with this happening on your new keyboard? I don't feel like I should have to put up with severe annoyance for an $80 keyboard.

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