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Synapse 3 - Chroma Connect Apps

  • 8 October 2020
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Hey there,
Looking for some help with Synapse 3 chroma connect games and lighting effects.

just picked up a Blackwidow V3 Pro keyboard and Deathadder V2 mouse.

Synapse 3 works fine with all lighting, effects, visualizer, etc.

Can NOT find any of my games for Chroma Connect. (nothing shows in chroma apps, viewing all, started games etc.)

steps taken thus far:
- confirmed games on
- started multiple games, played for a few minutes, nothing recognized. (deep rock, stardew valley, rust, etc)
- added games to profile section
- confirmed chroma apps is turned on, tried turning off visualizer and msi_led.exe
- restarted
- deleted, reinstalled, restarted (also deleted and cleared entire razer folder in program folders.)
- Deleted SDK, uninstalled, reinstalled
- confirmed updates check for PC, Synapse, and games.
- attempted to remove specific files from the gamemanager folder indicated in a few threads.
- downloaded and installed a random chroma profile - works fine.
- fresh installed new game rust - ran and no show in list.

Randomly during multiple reinstalls MSI_LED.EXE will show in my apps list along with the visualizer but not always. Also the only game i have found that pops into connect is Terraria(sometimes)? but when started Terraria does nothing for the lighting on the keyboard as i have found online. This is installed where most of my other games are from steam and windows.

Any and all help is greatly appreciated as I am loosing my mind.

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Also - tried razer support - whenever i make a selection for help and submit nothing happens or i get a message that some services are impacted due to covid...