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Synapse 3 Software Issues/Bugs

  • 19 April 2021
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I have been using Razer Synapse 3 on my laptop for a while, but one day I could not open the program anymore.

So, I had to reinstall it and ever since I have not been able to utilize Synapse properly.

I have a Mamba Wireless and Synapse recognizes it when I hard-wire it to my laptop, but I cannot create new profiles nor save any settings for it.

I click the ellipses (i.e. "...") when in the Mouse\\Customize tab and then I select Add. Then, a loading wheel pops up to the right of the SD card icon and never stops loading.

I have tried changing some settings, like sensitivity stages under Mouse\\Performance, but nothing stays. Also, I can only go up to 1,000 DPI when manually setting the stages, but the Razer Mamba Wireless goes up to 16,000 DPI.

I am pretty sure that I used to be able to isolate the DPI by the X axis and Y axis before as well.

I am not sure what to do.

Do I uninstall and reinstall Synapse 3 again? Do I erase the Mamba Wireless from my device settings and then reinstall/pair it?

The mouse works, but I got Razer for the customizations and right now it is pretty much just like any other mouse.

If anyone could give me some tips or point me in the right direction then that would be great!

Thank you!

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4 Replies

Same problem, i don't think your razer hardware is relevant, i'm pretty sure it's just a bunch of old razer software problems they never fixed, that has just gotten worse over time... I've googled these problems myself, and found posts that are 2-3 years old, having these exact same identical issues.

I haven't found a single post of this issue ever being resolved... But i've found tons of "temporary solutions", such as clean uninstall, and reinstall.

When i got my Huntsman V2 Analog and Basilisk Ultimate, i could start Razer synapse just fine, but over time, my keyboard started glitching, the LED's kept restarting over and over, and certain keys got stuck in-game as in, i was using WASD to move around, but suddenly the D gets stuck so i constantly move left until i press the D key again almost as if they got physically stuck, but only in-game, it doesn't ever get stuck like that when i'm writing in, well, places like this, for instance.

These problems became gradually worse over time, until Synapse 3 just stopped working altogether. I can click the icon, the processes start up, they drain my CPU and RAM, but no window pops up, and my LED's are just permanently in default mode.

Somehow, by enabling the integrated Administrator account, Synapse 3 starts up there just fine, but, when it does, my keyboard just ceases to function altogether... The LED's update and sync, but the buttons are all unresponsive, i can't write with it, at all... I have to restart my computer without synapse in order to be able to use the keyboard again.

Synapse 3 is COMPLETELY broken. I've tried all clean-uninstall guides (Even razer's official one), reinstalled multiple times and everything... Absolutely NOTHING works.

Would appreciate any Razer staff giving us an update on this issue, and when it can be expected to be fixed...
I have a similar problem. Synapse sucks
Wow...I did not know it went that deep!

Thank you both @KeiZzo and @EnzeruBloodscythe for contributing to this thread.

Hopefully, more people will speak up about this issue and Razer will fix it.
Better yet, I hope they are already working on it.

It would be nice if someone from Razer were to provide an update here though.

Until then, I may try a clean uninstall.

It may be because I bought this mouse for work because I liked how the wired version felt (ergonomically). Maybe, my IT department made some group changes that are impacting it?

I do not think this is the case though because opening, uninstalling, and reinstalling it went smoothly.

Regardless, if it is not fixed after I try a clean uninstall and a fix is taking a while, then I think I may dive into some group IT policies even though it is highly doubtful they could have an impact on something like this.

Again, thank you guys for your contribution and hopefully more people notice this!


Actually, @EnzeruBloodscythe could you provide a link for Razer's official clean uninstall guide? That would be greatly appreciated!
You can try to follow our clean installation guide for Synapse 3 from here. Do note that the issues you're experiencing are highly likely profile/account-related. Also, a lot of app launch issues are typically introduced by a Windows or a Synapse update. With all that said, do send me screenshots detailing the issues should they persist after a clean install.

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