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synapse and kraken pro v2 problems...

  • 18 January 2020
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Hi! I have a problem and could use all the help u can give me! My synapse is not noticing my headset so im not able to configurate it in any way. I had surround pro but had to uninstall everything and now i cant get even that. I have my headset connected with the extension Y-cable and have been disconnecting and reconnecting it but nothing i do does enything 😃 thank you for your help!

Edit: ok so i found the surround now but if you can help me with the synapse, that would be awesome!

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You have an analog headset that directly communicates with your PC's sound card. It is not supported on any version of Synapse but you can still use Surround Pro. Just select your audio drivers e.g. Realtek Speakers or something similar.