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Synapse not showing Raptor

  • 4 March 2021
  • 3 replies

Since yesterday I can't find my Raptor in Synapse so also the lighting is going independently. Monitor is connected with USB-C, I tried reinstalling software, rebooting but it does nothing.
Monitor apart of that is working fine but I'd like to have it like it was 2 days ago, thanks for any help!

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3 Replies

I have the same problem. My Raptor 27 is connected via USB Type-C directly to my computer (and also via Display Port), and even after Synapse uninstall/reinstall and PC reboot, the software cannot find it.
Same. My PC is connected via Displayport and USB Type-A. Did reinstall the software after deleting all components of the old synapse in the registry.
anyone manage to fix this? I have the same issue - I've tried different usb c cable but no joy. I've plugged the usb c into my mac mini and the video signal works - so I don't think it's the cable or port. The hub features ain't working either.