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Tap Problem with Right Side of Touchpad

  • 23 January 2020
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Laptop: Razer Blade 13 (late 2019)

Hello All,

I'm facing the following two issues with my recently bought (Jan 15, 2020) laptop

Two Issues:
1. Touchpad single tap (right-hand side)
2. Adaptive Brightness - it is not working at all. I have to change the brightness manually when I move from a dark to a brighter room.

For the first Issue (Touchpad single tap - right-hand side)
I'm facing exactly the same problem as described in the thread below

"At random times, the right half of the Touchpad will stop responding to taps (not clicks). So, for example, when you're trying to move the cursor to a particular spot in Microsoft Word, you slide the cursor to where you want to be and then tap with your finger to put the insertion point there. The problem is that frequently, the insertion point won't move. When this occurs, sliding your finger around to move the cursor works just fine, but taps on the right half of the Touchpad do nothing. If you then reach your finger over to anywhere on the left side of the Touchpad and tap, it works."

Has anybody also faced the same issue?
I contacted the support team multiple times and followed all the steps as instructed. But the problem still persists.

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5 Replies

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The touchpad issue may be hardware related so that's a bit difficult to troubleshoot. As for the adaptive brightness issue, it is rather common for laptops with Intel graphics. Go into the Intel graphics settings and disable adaptive brightness just as shown on the image below.

By the way, would you mind sending over your ticket number via PM?
Thanks for the prompt reply.

Intel Graphics Command center doesn't have these options.
I already tried all the other steps as instructed by the support team, but it didn't work for me.
Also touchpad issue id more annoying as I'm not able to work because of it
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How unfortunate. Have you tried installing the Intel Graphics drivers from the Razer Support website? Anyways, please shoot me a PM with the serial number of your laptop so I can check for other possible fixes.
I have returned the laptop, since I didn't get any satisfactory response from the Razer Support Team.
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Understandably so. GGWP