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Tartarus Pro update

  • 14 January 2020
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Hi, I bought a Tartarus Pro optical a few weeks ago and it has been working great, no problems. My issue is today when I started the PC, I got an update notification from Razer Central saying Synapse had an update. So I hit update, and checked the 'what's new' link there and it was an update from 12/18. I bought this on the 28th so I thought that odd but chalked it up to Razer rolling out updates in waves. It installed and said I needed a reboot. So I reboot and I open Synapse and all the Chroma features are gone. It's still lit up with the last profile config it had before but now all the chroma stuff is gone and it appears that the version I'm running after the update is the same as I was running before! So was the whole purpose of this update to remove those? What is going on? If I install them again will this happen again? Very odd. Thanks for the help.

I checked the original download from when I first got it and it is indeed the same. Was this maybe a firmware update?

EDIT: I just reinstalled and Chroma and everything is back. Version still the same but I did notice right away that the "updated" version with Chroma, the options were missing the Theme options and notifications checkbox. It just had the startup, minimize option and the last sync. Not sure if this is relevant but I found it odd. Either way I'm going to ignore any auto-updates and get them from the site directly.

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