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Trying to update my Razer Kraken V3 Pro

  • 21 May 2024
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Since I’m i’ve been having the problem of having to replug the usb dongle almost every restart ever since I had it (I’m only looking for solutions now because I’ve had enough of it now). Saw hope that MAYBE updating the firmware for my Kraken V3 Pro would help with the problem only to find out that theres even more problem… even in just trying to update it. 


The Problem is that I’m stuck in a loop with no indicator as to what failed (stuck on step 2). Everytime I complete the instruction for step 2 where i have to replug the usb dongle it just goes back to step one and stays there. I’ve tried waiting for a couple of minutes, restarting the installer, restarting my pc, unplugging and replug(stays in step 1 with the update button greyed out) , uninstalling  Synapse 3 with the clean uninstall command prompt, and trying other usb ports and powered usb dock in my pc… nothing.


Am I missing something? is it user error? or is there a defect in my product?  


The updater says

Dongle version: 1.00.13

Latest version 1.10.00



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Hi there, @Kraiiser!


Try updating its firmware using a different computer. If the issue still persists, the you can drop me a message via PM along with your Razer Kraken Pro’s serial number so I can check my resources for a possible fix.


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