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turn off Huntsman V2 Analogue controller recognition

  • 13 December 2023
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When I play games (especially indie games from itch.io), my Huntsman V2 analogue is recognized as a controller even if all my keys are on their default keyboard settings. It causes the camera to move diagonally (towards the upper right corner) constantly. Unplugging my Huntsman fixes the problem and plugging a basic keyboard allows me to play the games normally, but I would like to be able to use my 300$ keyboard.

(I dont have any controller plugged to my pc, and unlike other people posting about this issue, my problem is not that I cant use my xbox controller)

Is there any way to make my games recognize my keyboard as a normal keyboard?

2 Replies

So here's what I did.

Go to ‘Device Manager’ on windows.

Find ‘Human Interface Devices’

Find IN SPECIFIC ‘HID-compliant game controller’

Right click the ‘HID-Compliant Game Controller’

And click disable. 

Today, I just got the keyboard, and i had the same problem trying to play Skyrim. 
Those steps above, did the job for me. If it repeats after you shut down the computer or something, then just repeat this process. I hope this helps!

The better way to stop it is to go to device manager and scroll down to where it says (xbox 360 controller) and disable it. if you disable the HID-Compliant Game Controller things like joysticks stop working.